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The Collaborative Fellowship is exactly what our name implies: a fellowship of like minded pastors committed to expanding the Gospel in our urban communities through our region. However, as a fellowship of pastors and churches we hold several commitments as we journey together to engage, equip, and empower the local church
to reach every man, woman and child in their community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Because collaboration is important and at the heart of all we do, we make the following commitments.

1. We commit to Gospel Centered Ministry
2. We commit to Community Transformation through the local Church
3. We commit to Collaboration and the sharing of resources to advance the Kingdom of God
4. We commit to Connecting with others in the fellowship monthly for accountability, building up one another and soul care
5. We commit to the Lausanne Covenant as our statement of faith and shared minimum theological agreement
6. We commit to Celebrating life and ministry together in community with other leaders in the fellowship
7. We commit to Church Planting as our primary strategy to reaching our communities and the world


Distinctives we hold in common:
● Complementarian Leadership in the Local Church
● Great Commission and Great Commandment focus in the local church
● Gospel Centered Preaching and Teaching in the Local church
● Church Planting, raising up leaders to plant future churches out of the local church
● The Continuation of the work of the Holy Spirit in and through the local church

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