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Image by Samuel Martins


We have adopted the Lausanne Covenant as our unifying statement of faith. The Lausanne Movement is a worldwide movement that mobilizes evangelical leaders to collaborate for world evangelization.

The Lausanne Covenant lays out fifteen specific categories of belief. The Lausanne Movement emphasizes the need to contextualize the gospel. The Lausanne Covenant is a call back to the Great Commission, offering a conservation of critical biblical values. In a time when church attendance is in decline, many are looking for other ways to fulfill the mandate of the church. This document, among others, sets an anchor to what the church’s biblical function is. In its evangelism, the church should address cultural change, be relevant, and remain true to the gospel.

The gospel is the power of God unto salvation. In that the Lausanne Covenant stresses the importance of the gospel, challenges believers to cooperate in sharing the gospel, and acknowledges the need for every person to be born again through faith in Christ, it is a good and helpful document. Like any doctrinal statement, of course, the Lausanne Covenant is man-made and only reflects imperfectly what God has perfectly encapsulated in Scripture.

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